Gold is on the Low!

Gold is at it's lowest in years. Preserve your assets by investing in one of the most sought-after valuable precious metal in the world. With it's universal exchange, you'll be protected against inflation.
Take advantage of our great prices, FREE shipping, and the convenience to get great deals anytime. We're temporarily holding back from PayPal transaction fees, and CA sales tax. This is your Golden opportunity to grow your stash fast. We can fill small and large orders. Anything over $1,500 will be shipped with FedEx Express insured. All of our pieces are 100% genuine. We are based in Oakland, California which is approximately 10 minutes from the beautiful San Francisco and 20 minutes from the heart of the Internet net the Silicon Valley where Google, Yahoo, and other big name corporations are. Due to the nature of the orders we do not ship international. We will ship to AK, HI, Puerto Rico. Additional shipping fees will apply. Checkout is fast, free, easy, and secure with PayPal.

Sterling Silverware, flatware, and centerpieces

We're actively buying sterling (.925) and coin (.900) silverware, silver flatware, and silver centerpieces. Contact us for more information on how you can earn extra cash on your unwanted items.

Investing in Precious Metals

Things to consider when investing in precious metals.

Sell Your Gold

Sell us all of your unwanted gold and silver for instant ca$h. Simply follow the instructions to receive cash.

Why should you invest in precious metals

We hear about doomsday preppers but lets be realistic precious metals are universally traded. You can't go wrong. Relying on financial institutions that charge for not having enough money and who literally pays pennies in interest per $1,000 is a waste of time meanwhile these large institutions become more wealthy. Now lets be clear, there's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a positive balance in a FDIC-insured bank. Keeping silver and gold on the side will protect you and have long term benefits. Diversifying your assets is important because there's no way to tell what the future holds. Simply put, if the US dollar or Euro collapse you'll be protected.